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People of FTA

The People of Fair Trade Appalachia

The Diggers

“Root digging in Appalachia is as much a culture as a livelihood. Diggers intimately know the woods they live in and the respect the land deserves. One digger explains his work”, -Samson Marlow
Root diggers in Fair Trade Appalachia include: Sam Marlow, Dino Rodrigues, Carol Judy, Russell Worley, Jack Marlow, and Josh Cox.

The Makers

Once the roots, medicinal plants, and other natural ingredients are collected, it takes a host of talents and people to create the products Fair Trade Appalachia sells. Fair Trade Appalachia hosts community work-days to create products with the people in attendance varying in age from 4 to 80 years old.
Maker of Fair Trade Appalachia include: Leah Faulker, Chris Faulker, Carol Judy, Vickie Terry, Randall Hatfield, Marie Webster, and Vannessa Hurst.

The Teachers

We strongly believe that everybody involved with Fair Trade Appalachia has a lot to teach. Learning happens in all parts of the process, from learning to identify roots, to learning how to pour lye soap safely into molds, to learning how to market products to consumers. We are all actively engaged in constant education.

The Visionaries

Ideas come from each member of the cooperative. We have several individuals who work diligently to create the structure and presentation of Fair Trade Appalachia.
Primary visionaries include: Michelle Mockbee, Carol Judy, and Ricki Draper

The Sustainers

Fair Trade Appalachia requires many things to continue growing and thriving. We appreciate those who invest in our ideas and cooperative, those that buy our products, and those that volunteer their time with us.
Please consider helping to sustain Fair Trade Appalachia!

Contact us for information on ways to get involved at

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