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Fair Trade Appalachia harvests and sells wild crafted products from Appalachia sustainably.  Here you will find a list of handcrafted goods from Clearfork County in Central Appalachia.  All proceeds go to those who harvest and create products on a small scale in a low-income region of the Appalachian Coalfields.  As Central Appalachian residents we pride ourselves in our rich knowledge of the forest, what it takes to harvest non-timber forest products in the same locations for over 20 years and how to prepare and bring our clients the best quality wildcrafted mountain goods.  Part of this process means Fair Trade Appalachia educates community members through intergenerational learning processes.

Almond honey bubble bath

We make bubble bath because it is an imperfect art, not technical and not precise. We combine scents and smells and textures until we create something really special. We want our Bubble Bath to be about pampering and celebrating your skin and body! 8 oz/$8

Golden Seal salve or powder

Golden seal usually takes three years of growing before its ready to sustainably harvest. It’s a shade-tolerant plant and grows in soil that not much else will grow in.  [Ingredients: Golden Seal, Vitamin E, Beeswax, Olive Oil]

The salve is great for healing open wounds.

The powder comes with a list of recipes for use, which include teas, mouth wash, dye, and as a remedy for urinary tracts.

Lip Balms

Our lip balms heal with natural flavor! We add a hint of golden seal to help heal cold sores.

Peppermint lip balm

Chocolate mint lip balm


Sage Grass – natural remedy for poison ivy!
Sage grass gets rid of poison ivy and is good for any type of itch-relief.

Sold in a bundle with recipes for use. $6


Lye Soap

Our lye soap is unique because it’s completely handmade – the lard was rendered in Eagan, shaped in homemade molds, and made using all-natural products.

Oatmeal lye Soap

Gardening Soap

Floral Soap

Handmade Recycled Glass Arrowheads
Hand-crafted by Chris Faulkner

Sold individually, as a dream catcher, or on a necklace.

Herbal Moisturizing Balm

Soothes rough and dry skin.

[Ingredients: Chickweed, olive oil, beeswax, and chocolate mint]

4 oz/$10

Sage Grass Photograph by Michelle Mockbee

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