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Experiential Learning Opportunities

Fair Trade Appalachia’s educational services are grounded in participatory processes for place-based development.

We provide community-based workshops that are grounded in non-timber forest products that identify the specifics of understanding our relationship to place in order to create sustainable entrepreneurship opportunities and understanding in Central Appalachia.

We currently offer three types of experiential learning opportunities. Each of these opportunities can be adapted to different group needs. Please contact us at for information of dates and prices.

Workshops on Making Products

These workshops vary in length and content based on your interests. Groups are invited to come spend the weekend in Eagan, TN to experience the whole process – harvesting, cleaning, and making products. Participants will learn the history of root digging and non-timber forest work. The time will also include learning about the region’s history, meeting community members, listening to local music, and camping in the beautiful Tennessee mountain area.

We also provide shorter workshops which focus on making products from roots and medicinal plants. Groups are invited to spend a few hours in Eagan, or members of Fair Trade Appalachia can also travel to your community. Prices are subject to distance and time allotted. Please contact us for more information.

Forest Walk and Plant Identification

Carol Judy, Fair Trade Appalachia cofounder, visionary, and root digger, leads forest walks that center on plant identification. She can travel to your community, or your group is invited to experience the woods of East Tennessee. The walks usually take around two hours, and include plant sketching, information on medicinal and edible plants, and a detailed profile of forest growth.  Information provided can vary based on group size, age, and experience level.

Forest Walk to Sustainably Harvest Non-Timber Forest Products

Fair Trade Appalachia is pleased to offer this special course that explores the idea that earth is given to us as an endowment and not as capital to exploit. We will show you how we protect the woods where we work in order to sustain our homes and our livelihood.  This workshop includes identifying traditional roots, learning to sustainably harvest them, and seeing their greater role in the woods. Information provided can vary based on group size, age, and experience level.

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